Coming back to S.L.U.G, our students met up with Mitchell yet again in hopes to learn something new for their now idle Linux machines. Of course, new meeting means new faces and thus we started off this meeting by doing some ice breakers.

After we met the newcomers, questions began to flair out about things such as customizing your box and how to secure your box. Customizing the machines gave an insight as to how the security features work and how personalization plays a part in security. Talks about passwords began to pop up as what would be the ideal password to have. Turns out, passwords don’t have to be as complex as you think. Numbers and such can be cracked pretty simply as well as a single keyword. The way to truly protect yourself would be to create a long phrase that only you would remember such as “OhboyIsuredoloveSWIFT”.

That was just one of the topics that these new users would learn. Some students were interested in how you could crack these passwords. Which we did. We began to do a fair dose of Penetration testing, using Armitage, John the ripper, and Hydra. These are all various tools used to crack passwords and breach a computer. Using Hydra, we managed to crack a simple set of passwords off a premade server and used Armitage to breach that same server and add new users to the group of administrators. With that, we ended the night with everyone feeling satisfied that they are that much closer to being a big time Linux user.