WOOO! HACKPOLY IS HERE!!! S.W.I.F.T. mashing together with PolyFounders again to prepare for a software building contest! Some background for you, HackPoly is a 24-hour annual hackathon event at Cal Poly Pomona. During this event participants join a team to create a project which can be either software or hardware based. At the end of the event, the participants demonstrate their projects to fellow hackers, visitors, and a panel of judges. Annually, the networking for Hack Poly is created by the wonderful team at S.W.I.F.T.; this begins with the building of the network, followed by the maintenance, and teardown.

For the first day of HackPoly, we gathered a small team of volunteers to help build our network at the building provided. We used about 24 cisco switches and then had our hub in a room with our Ops team. I’ll tell you right now, that A LOT of wiring were done and much gaff tape was used. After the setup was completed, the HackPoly began.

The HackPoly in itself went really smooth! We were in our hub room watching the traffic and we practically didn’t have any issues besides this one incident where a switch had gone offline. Using a packet tracer we determined which switch was the cause and we solved it quickly. After that, back to the room to watch madness.

On the final day, the victor was announced and we had to clean up within 3 hours! This was quite the deadline and had us basically scrambling all over the place to tear down and make sure we aren’t forgetting anything. All in all, HackPoly was a success!