Albert Wong, a good friend of S.W.I.F.T., has come to present about the fairly new automation software Red Hat has developed. Ansible is automation software that makes it very easy to improve current processes, provides better optimization to migrate applications, and makes it easier for DevOps to understand the structure of an application.

Previously, Red Hat had created Docker which allowed DevOps to create Linux containers for applications. This makes the processes run much easier and smoother with less load on servers by creating a single environment for a single application using VMs. In conjunction with the Docker community, more installments have been made to help make Docker more secure.

Now, Red Hat again surprises everyone by creating Ansible. As technology grows, so does the need for labor and deployment. Of course, tasks do build up and landslides other processes in real need. Ansible seeks to make these types of incidents to lessen by being able to automate repetitive tasks using simple language that anyone can understand. Again, Red Hat has allowed the community to also join in making the software better. Automation is the future and Red Hat has definitely made it certain that they are onboard with the change.