Behold! The great Tech Symposium is here! Every year S.W.I.F.T.’s biggest event, Tech Symposium, is held at the College of Business. This event consists of many incredible presentations held by some of the most prestigious companies around such as Red Hat, At&t, Crowdstrike, Verizon, and much more! Many of the presentations were gladly volunteered and provided the students an incredible opportunity to see what the insides of a company consist of. Presentations had a number of topics going from physical security to Automation.

There were over 100 attendees and 11 presenters! Not a bad turnout, I’d say. The way the event was structured was there would be about 2 presentations going on at the same time. Unfortunately that would mean the attendees would have the difficult decision of deciding which presentations to view. Nonetheless, every turnout was pretty decent for each presentation. After a couple of hours, we would let the minds of our attendees rest and enjoy some much deserved lunch.

The event went off without a hitch and Tech Symposium was a giant success. We’d like to thank the Presenters for volunteering and providing their time to us. We also would like to thank the attendees for coming and we hope to wow everyone once again next year!