In order to stay up to date on the various vulnerabilities that are present in today’s technological world, our hosts Benjamin Dillon and Jonathon Maxwell provides some resources that you can use. There’s not too much to bring up, but I’ll try my best to give you the rundown.

There are a lot of resources out there that people are using but there’s basically some rules as to how to control all of it. There are places such as LinkedIn or Facebook that has an article section but did you know that if you click “Follow” or “Subscribe” on the poster, you would receive their news as soon as they post it on your recommendation page?

Some of the more controlled ways to contain all of your news would be to grab some apps on your phone such as Feedly. This basically does the same thing that I mentioned above but it allows you to subscribe to webpages instead and generally makes it super easy to grab news. Remember, there is always vulnerabilities popping up every day and it’s wise to know the details about them for the future.