From the Magical World of Disney comes Tom Scott, a Technology Architect, who has generously provided their valuable time to speak with us about the inside workings of The Walt Disney Company!

Scott had given a huge emphasis on the application of the “cloud”, saying that you must learn to adapt to the “cloud” or you’ll start to fall behind in the tech world. Speaking about this new piece of technology, he began to speak a bit about how much the cost of the “cloud” would benefit companies in today’s modern day. It seems that the “cloud” is the much more reliable and cheaper alternative to having your own database in your company.

As for the workloads, being a Technology Architect in Disney means projects every weak. The workload is pretty intense and not much of a break in between. To deal with some of the projects, Spidergraphs were used often to make sure that projects could be done quickly and efficiently. Businesses under Disney were encouraged to work the way they wanted and was allowed to be independent as long as the growth was present.

Eventually, Tom Scott says that they hope Disney will have a Serverless architecture, but they are still making the switch over. They would like something that can deploy networks easily, provide service to the network, and only provide the infrastructure for the time needed. In order to keep up with all the changes going on in Disney or in the tech world, Scott says “To keep up with technology, be a technology person.”