In times of distress, when there is nothing else you can do to figure out a piece of software or hardware there is only one thing you can do…crack that baby open and learn the ins and outs of it! Reverse Engineering has always been an important part of the cyber security world and you should definitely be a part of it!

We’ll be discussing some of the tools used in Reverse Engineering such as IDA Pro, x64dbg, and Sysinternals. Generally, most of these tools kind of do the same thing, they allow you to look closer into the details of malware or other software. Sysinternals is mainly used for malware analysis and can aid in the removal of really tedious malware that could’ve potentially been attached to a server. One of the cooler tools present today is IDA Pro. This tool allows you to basically debug target software and lets you dump all the files into one location to view in plaintext.

x64dbg is pretty much the same tool as the IDA Pro but the cool aspect for this tool is that it is an open source debugger. You can easily write plugins and scripts and contribute to the code base. It also has a much nicer design and friendly UI that won’t make you pull your eyes out. Learning how to Reverse Engineering isn’t the easiest thing to do but once it becomes part of your arsenal of tools, you become a much stronger candidate in the real world!